At an altitude of 3,048 meters, the iceQ is the latest attraction in Austria’s Ötztal. With its four fully-glazed, cube-shaped structures, the mountain restaurant takes on the appearance of four stacked ice cubes that blend perfectly into the snow and ice of the Alpine environment, in particular in winter when the ice crystals forming on the glass turn the building into a frost-clad ice sculpture. The glass façade, which measures some 1,200 square meters was realized using RAICO’s THERM+ A-I aluminum curtain wall system.



photo 1: © DAS CENTRAL
photos 2-3: © Markus Bstieler / Ötztal Tourismus
photos 4-9: © Rudi Wyhlidal / Ötztal Tourismus


Technical data

Country: AT Builder: Bergbahnen Sölden Architect: Obermoser arch-omo zt GmbH, Innsbruck Planner of cladding: Zsz Ingenieure Zt GmbH Fabricator: Gig Fassaden GmbH, Attnang-Puchheim Build date: May through November 2013 Area of curtain wall: Volume: Approx. 5,170 m³; Glazed areas: External façade: 1,200 m RAICO systems: THERM+ A-I Building activity: New construction Category: Culture building/event building Features: - THERM+ A-I aluminum insulating block curtain wall system (system width 56 mm) - Four offset cubes with all-round glass-aluminum façade - Steel frame construction with interlocked laminated wood ceilings, reinforced steel construction (basement)