Aqua Dome Thermal spring

Alpine crystal
Aqua Dome, the new thermal spa in the town of Längenfeld, stands like a giant crystal in the well-known Tyrolean Ötz valley. Regardless of weather, here the guests can experience the immediate proximity to the surrounding mountains: the transparency of the façades effectively removes the constructional separation to the almost tangible closeness of the Alps. To achieve this, architect Erich Schnögass demanded something extra from the glass construction.

A game with elements and shapes
Glass, metal and water border on each other, framed by the omnipresent mountains. In crystalline form the glass facade of the main hall merges in two angles into a glass roof. For the highest possible transparency, the whole supporting structure is kept very delicate, with the glass panes generously proportioned. In the outdoor area, three levitated shell-like basins can be reached through a 16-metre high cone with structural glazing and silicone joints.

High demands in the swimming-pool area
All these differentiating constructional requirements had to be brought into unison with the conditions of a swimming-pool: reliable protection against corrosion from the damp air containing chlorine; secure ventilation and drainage of the whole facade construction; prevention of cold spots in the frame structure.
Manfred Friedl from GIG Fassadenbau did not need a long time to consider:
for him only the RAICO steel glazing system THERM+ S-I came into consideration for these demands. With only a 56 mm visible width, the technical and optical requirements in the various thermal areas could be unified.


Technical data

Aqua Dome Thermal spring,
Country: AT Builder: VAMED Standortentwicklung GmbH, Vienna Architect: DI Erich Schnögass, Vienna Planner of cladding: GIG Fassadenbau GmbH, Attnang-Puchheim Fabricator: GIG Fassadenbau GmbH, Attnang-Puchheim Build date: 2006 Area of curtain wall: approx. 2,000 m² RAICO systems: THERM+ S-I Building activity: New construction Category: Sports facilities/sports building Features: Application roof and facade, SG2 construction