Library Zurich

The extension is especially characterized by the high contrast between the old and the new building and by the simultaneously existing, considerable integration of the new building into the surrounding building structure.

The interior of the library is primarily made of light-coloured timber and supports at the same time the airy and bright ambiance. If the beholder is standing in the ground floor of the courtyard, the oval steel construction appears almost weightless. The parapets of the six storeys seem to hover in the room. Only eight almost invisible columns support the load of the construction. However, there are no contact points between den new building and the facades of the old building. Even in the interior of the existing building no greater interventions were carried out.


Technical data

Library Zurich,
Country: CH Builder: Hochbauamt des Kantons Zürich Architect: Santiago Calatrava Valls AG, Zürich Planner of cladding: Santiago Calatrava Valls AG, Zürich Build date: 2004 Building activity: Extension Category: Culture building/event building