Tschuggen Grand Hotel

The challenges of this project were the constructions, which had to withstand the various climatic conditions, such as heat, cold, humidity, drought, storm, rain and snow. Furthermore, there are the relatively high air temperatures and the high humidity coming from the wellness area and the swimming pool.

The supporting structure itself is made out of steel, the junction points are welded together from round tubular frames. Square tubes are set on those frames and serve as reinforcement and assembly level. In the roof area a timber construction is fixed on these frames of square tubes; the interior linings, vapour barriers, insulation, formwork and finally the shell out of zinc sheet are built on this construction.


Technical data

Tschuggen Grand Hotel,
Country: CH Builder: AG Grand Hotel Tschuggen, Arosa Architect: ARGE Fanzun AG und Mario Botta, Lugano Build date: 2004 to 2006 RAICO systems: THERM+ S-I Building activity: Reorganisation/modernisation Category: Economy building